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Things Don't Look Good - Have we discussed this yet?

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Richard OFfill:

It seems to me that the basic issue here is not about women in ministry but something foundational and that is the unity of the international church.


Larry Lyons:
Here is a response made in the comments section at the end of the Spectrum article:

"A sad day for the SDA church when an entity as large as a Union rebels against the world church.
The only place this kind of change can be made, of course, is at a GC session. Even if this was biblical, this is not how change is accomplished. That's how things are done in the secular world, but it should never be so in the church. And so we come closer to fulfilling Ellen White's prediction that the church would appear about to fall.
  "Interesting also to watch the spectacle of Spectrumites salivating at the thought of a mass rebellion throughout the denomination. The lines are being drawn. David would not lift his hand against the Lord's annointed, even though the man was a reprobate.  He was willing to leave it in God's hands.
But Spectrumites are hoping for a revolution, and unwilling to leave it in God's hands. Why? Could it be that they cannot support it from Scripture, but only from culture?"

Larry, you picked one of the few comments that spoke against the action by the union.  And those comments were considered to be inflammatory by the editor--as if many of the comments by those who are pro WO aren't inflammatory.  :roll:

Richard OFfill:

The church is like an orchestra. It seems like some have chosen to play off-key

Something to remember:

1. The world church is huge compared with the North American Division
2. The North American Division is comprised of thousands of members who are faithful in spite of what seems to be an agendized minority who here and there, are at the helm.

Larry Lyons:
The Pacific Union has voted to reaffirm women's ordination, and is making plans for further action which will be voted on at their next meeting in May. Google Spectrum Blog for a link to the article.


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